Qur'an Technology :: Finger Print Identification System in our how does?

Discover: -
England's Sir Francis Gold was discovered by a resident of a different fingerprints of every person in the world, only in the nineteenth century, the finger lies in the unique characteristics of the traces have been discovered. Earlier people thought of them as a common potty curve. Like other organs in the body is the normal state of human society had accepted the existence of the form, the deepest tatpayerra did not care for the little one. After the discovery in 1880, before the breakthrough of the finger-prints began to be used in a variety of scientific detection sanketarupe.

Every human being carries a different finger design: -

If a person can not be found on earth, complete with another person whose fingerprints can be matched. Even identical twins from the same state, which has a different toe Lines. For the people of different-sankalanabhukta their finger in the code, which contains the sanketika. Bar code used in modern computer systems or line-Codes can be compared with the group of the spruced-up configuration of the finger. Finger-print on the importance of line to give a special meaning to every single toe pure lines and unique. Every man, dead or alive, so everyone has a different design, unique finger Arts. And so very important to prove beyond reasonable doubt the identity of the people rekhasamuhake has been received and is used throughout the world to the density.

What work is being used? -
The fingerprint of the world's intelligence agencies such as the FBI, RAW, MOSAD, PCI, kGB, BCI- criminals have been able to identify the type of people to detect or correct, using the recent history of the Bangladesh government angulachapa rkada, nationality card, passport and outdoors guy to send official database technology to build and DB criminal cihnitakaranera learning to use (minimum).

This is how the technology is used? -
As an example of the details from various angles. I am a small show - the crime situation --- X-ample produce Suppose for example 1 day or 6 months ago or even at a murder before the general public was not able to find any trace of the murderer. The intelligence coming from the offenderThey also try to find evidence drsyaka FIT (Finger Identification Technology) will use. Each country's criminal intelligence database, the system is easily recognizable in the process of a variety of the most popular are: Finger Identification Method. How will they be given some samples of his fingers, trying to impress are:
1) the killer weapon (knife, stick, pistol ...) in the sequence is likely to fingerprints.
2) He was murdered finger marks on his body that khatate
3) The perpetrator went into the house, leaving the impression that the door
4) The glass finger prints found at the glasses, playing easily ..........
Bwa goyendagana a special spray was used, where there will be sprayed finger prints will appear. In addition, the lab's Chemical Test naiba said.

Let's see what the Quran says? -
There are atheists in the previous period, however, was still at the present time there are a lot of them, they can be mixed with the soil to completely melt away rotten people who raised him that? Who will bring a whole is precisely the body? It is said that when the Koran, after the death of a man very easy for Allah to restore the lines of the fingers (UNDP) has been forced upon specifically. The Quran refers to the lines of the toe, which he was unable to attract anyone's attention and our deep attention to the importance of this verse Allah (telegraphic messages) that has called for the need for people to finally realize the era of technology, even a little. Allah said: -
075.003 أيحسب الإنسان ألن نجمع عظامه
075.004 بلى قادرين على أن نسوي بنانه
Al-Qur'an, 075.003-004 (Al-Qiyama [The rising of The dead, resurrection])
People think that I can not harasamuha together? Yes, of course I will gather. I was able to fix the tips of his fingers properly. (Qur'an, 75: 3-4) (Translation: maolana Salahuddin Yusuf, Pakistan)

Think about 1400 years ago on this very important information to know whose it was? -
The difference is so subtle that a relative of two of the fingerprint, only an experienced person can recognize the appropriate equipment. It is this reality that the Quran Majid mujija another idea of what the people long ago. Life is too short to do much more in future but until we go into the soil, but the day will come when the judgment is that our bodies will be raised from the ground and returned to the body to be able to say precisely so that he is able to detect with his finger impression . We believe the provision of his days, feel free to bring us to God, do not accept to be antanthala nirbhikabhabe heart. Super Brain Creator has given us to eat like a wild animal rearing and child-deye married at the time of death is not dead !! There are approximately 700 million people in the world, the existence of objective, think once was known 1400 years ago, is the most important information? Why he gave us this information?
Allah will bring us to wisdom. Amen.
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