Example Of Argument paragraph – Internet Is Harmful for our daily life

Internet is Harmful For Our Regular Life


There are many reasons why internet is harmful for our regular life. First of all, internet is harmful for our regular life because it badly affects our social life. Nowadays , people are more involved in internet communication rather then social activities. People are more busy with using internet , more then real social communication. Secondly. internet is harmful for our daily life as internet us insecure. Internet us the field if digital programs which can easily be hacked. Recently, Bangladesh bank has been hacked by cyber criminal at China and they stole one million dollars . Finally, internet badly affects in our everyday life because it is harmful for our education. Students are getting addicted by social networking serviced like Facebook,Whatsapp,Viber. According to statistic students use internet more then 10 hurs daily in average. To conclude, for this reasons internet is harmful for our regular life.